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Exfoliants for exfoliation

Exfoliants are substances whose use leads to exfoliation of the epidermis (from the word peel - exfoliate). In common use, the term exfoliation is used interchangeably with the term peeling.

The most popular are very surface peels, the so-called cosmetic, where exfoliation occurs only to dead cells of the stratum corneum. These types of peels are suitable for self-making at home, using such raw materials as AHA or BHA acids or enzymes such as bromelain.

The most popular acids are lactic, mandelic, glycolic, salicylic or hits of recent years like azelaic or pyruvic acid.

Who can use cosmetic peels?

Practically everyone can use peels - both young people struggling with acne and mature people struggling with the symptoms of aging. Treatments can be used on all parts of the body. The most important thing is to choose the optimal method for your age, health condition, cosmetic problem and skin type. Peeling can be performed safely on any skin, but special care should be taken on sensitive and thin skin as well as with dilated blood vessels.

Peels are especially useful for skin with the problem of hyperkeratosis, seborrhea, acne, discoloration or scars.

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